A couple of months ago I’ve found a blog which showed how can you integrate a Barcode Scanner to your UI5 app. (Integrating Barcode Scanner functionality in SAPUI5 (or cordova ) application)

This idea went further in the last few months. Now we have an application which is designed to support and help Courier companies, mainly the messenger guy to get his job done faster, and enable the company to track each step the courier takes during the day.


Then he will select an address where he wants to deliver to. He can see the details of the address, the name of the recipient etc. He can make a call to the recipient as well if he wants, right from the app. The first step of using the app is when the courier enters to the depo in the morning he has a lot of boxes and packeges to pick up. He can see the listed items assigned to him in the app. Than by starting the scan he can confirm that he picked up the box from the depo.


Than he activates the address. This status indicates that this is the address which is beeing deliverid right now. He has the possibility to suspend the activated address as well. He can close the delivery with successful and unsuccessful status. If the delivery is unsuccessful, he can choose from various reasons. If it’s successful, the recipient can sign the delivery right in the app. This will be posted back to the backend, and can be restored if needed.

Via the backoffice app, the backoffice can track each status update, and track how does the courier is doing his job during the day. Later they can create differend types of statistics and analyzes.

You can  check the applictation in the following video (sorry for hungarian texts):

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author: Dávid Tóth