BUILD – protoyping app – webinar

Last week Netlife participated at a webinar organized by SAP that provided a guided tour in the world of the new BUILD prototyping application designed for SAP Fiori based applications.

First steps

Firstly to use this web application a registered account is required on the website, but after that you can use the tool without limits. When you start using the application, you won’t have any project, however to clone an existing project (template) is easy to use, so after some clicks you have a fully configured template. And you can modify as you want.

Sidebar options:

The app has several sidebars with lots of functions. On the top of site the little down arrow is the switcher between the views, „my Projects”, „studies and research”, „files” To add new files, pictures to project, its enough to use drag and drop on that page.

The left sidebar shows the Control, Files and Data panels. Both of them is easy to use. The control gives plenty of objects that can be added to the view, or extend it with new files, pictures and customize its position and lastly the Data option is a model editor to change the header of tables and the name and properties of fields. And choose the data editor from the list to modify the connection between the views.

The Model editor is compatible with importing Excel files, to edit the input data an Excel is enough, because the app will know and identify the structure of it. If it’s on the same page in the Excel it will be on the same after loading. If you added an Excel data file to it, you can present how working the project, and can demo it. And of course its work as drag & drop the order of columns, the adding new one or delete.

The left sidebar’s lower part is the Outline, which contains the object-list and you can select by name, and it shows the structure of the website, the containers and how build the final view from different elements, so it is a tree view that list everything you add on the prototype pages

On the other side of the screen you can find the selected item’s property and the options of the objects. The event-handlers, navigation, appearance settings.

Top function bar options:

Finally there is the top function bar where you can find some more hotkeys. You can check the views on different devices as tablet, phone or desktop browser. The ruler icon turns the ruler next to the page, and helps you to work more properly. You can change the size of the view, zoom in, or out. Step backward and forward in the history of changings, and of course the preview of the project. Another big step from the previous version of the app is the opportunity to connect the Build to your Web IDE so that you can use it from the same place.

Here are some links to get you started:

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