Display Result of SAP Report in Fiori Part 1

Recently we have recieved a request from one of our clients: they would like to display the results of SAP Reports in Fiori applications. In this case we are talking about an ALV report which was created in SQ01 as an ABAP Infoset Query.

The original functionality was the following:

  • user opens a custom transaction which leads to the selection page of the report
  • this transaction uses variants to start the report
  • the user recieves the result of the report in an ALV list

The request was to create a new Fiori application which can display the result of this ABAP report on mobile devices, so the users don’t have to log into the system.

The solution:

  • we have created an oData service in the ERP system which sends the data for the application
  • in the methods of the service we submit the ABAP report with the proper variant, and we sniff the result from it
  • the result is passed to the application via oData service
  • the result is displayed in Smart Table in the Fiori application

SAP Fiori

With this solution the Sales Representatives can access up-to-date data from the ERP system via their mobile devices, and they do not have to take exported excel sheets with themselves. As a result they can work with relevant and accurate data.

To learn more about this topic check out part 2 which discusses how to implement other features for your client.

If you have any questions or just interested in the topic feel free to contact us at info@fiori-implementation.com