Free SAP Fiori Valentine’s Day Theme by Netlife

Do you want to surprise your darling on Valentine’s Day?

But you don’t have any idea how? Do you want to give something unforgettable? Something unique to this special day? 
We recommend you to present a brand new handmade Fiori template for her/him! 


Anyone can download it for free and use this tutorial to install this lovely piece of art.


or manually, paste this URL:

How to Install:

  1. Download the Valentine’s Day theme (zip file)
  2. Open your SAP client
  3. Upload the zip by a ui5/theme_tool transaction (as you can see on the picture below)
  4. Click on the Upload button and Enjoy! 🙂

Additional info:

In case of this error message:


If you recieved this that means you have an older SAPUI5 than 1.44.30. In this case you must upgrade it first and after you can install the Valentine’s Day Theme. (The theme is based on the standard Belize, so it’s required for the installation).


If you gain some recognition, please let us know! 🙂