SAP Fiori Halloween theme: old creepy castle with bats and full Moon

How to set up our custom theme for Halloween in SAP Fiori

This blog is a tutorial about how to set up Netlife’s custom Halloween theme in SAP Fiori. You can download it from here for free. You can also learn the required steps if you read this article. We wish a very creepy Halloween to everyone!

A very creepy Halloween theme in SAP Fiori!

Our “trick or treat” in SAP Fiori

Halloween occurs this Saturday, October 31. The story of this tradition goes back to the pagan festival called Samhain. Later, in the 8th century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1. to the Christian solemnity All Saints Day. The evening before was called All Hallow’s Eve, later became “Halloween”. Nowadays it is celebrated not just in the United States and Britain, but even in other parts of Europe. Games and activities like pumpkin carving, costume parties and trick or treat are widely known.

Netlife’s team also plays the popular “trick or treat” game. However, our “treat” for you is not candy but a creepy SAP Fiori theme! If you are a big fan of Halloween, you must try this out!

Anyone can download it for free and use this tutorial to install this pleasantly creepy piece of art.

or manually: paste this URL

How to set up our custom Halloween theme in SAP Fiori:

1.) Download the Halloween theme (ZIP file)

2.) Open your SAP client

3.) Upload the ZIP by a ui5/theme_tool transaction (as you can see on the picture below)

4.) Click on the Upload button and ENJOY! 🙂

Did something go wrong?

If the theme doesn’t appear accordingly, you should open the /ui5/theme_designer transaction. Click on the “Rebuild” button to update the version.

Here are some previews of how this theme will look like:

This is definitely the scariest SAP Fiori theme I’ve ever seen! But don’t be too frightened! Be brave and try this out on your own Launchpad.

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SAP Fiori
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