Make a clean breast of SAP HANA

Make a clean breast of SAP HANA. So what is SAP HANA?

Deployable on premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that lets you accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, and simplify your IT environment. By providing the foundation for all your data needs, SAP HANA removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run live and make better business decisions in the new digital economy.

SAP HANA Database and Application Development Platform. Database, Analytics Processing, App Development, Data Acces, Administration, Security, Flexible Deployment options, Open. Process any data

SAP HANA Database and Application Development Platform

Key benefits of SAP HANA

Reduce Complexity

Simplify IT with ONE platform for trans-analytic applications.  Use SAP HANA to analyze live data to support real-time business, while reducing data redundancy, footprint, hardware, and IT operations.

Run Anywhere

Modernize your data center with flexible SAP HANA deployment options – public or private
cloud, tailored data center, or 1000+ certified appliance configurations from 13 leading vendors.

Real Results

Achieve better business outcomes with SAP HANA.  Learn how companies are seeing 575% five-year ROI by using SAP HANA to increase innovation, while decreasing data management costs.


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Database Services

Take action in the moment by using in-memory database services to process high-speed transactions and analytics. Manage large database volumes using multitenant database containers and dynamic tiering across multi-tier storage.

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Analytics Processing

Gain new insights from advanced analytics processing in SAP HANA. By leveraging  in-memory data processing capabilities – text, predictive, spatial, graph, streaming, and time series – you can get answers to any business question and make smart decisions in real time.
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App Development

Develop next-generation applications that combine analytics and transactions, and deploy them on any device. Take advantage of best-in-class development tools – and deliver personalized experiences with the right data served at the right time for users.
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Data Access

Gain a complete and accurate view of your business by accessing data from any source – internal or external. Access data where it’s located, integrate or replicate relevant data into SAP HANA, and ensure data quality to increase confidence in decision making.
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Simplify system administration and IT operations with tools that help you monitor processes, ensure data and application security, and achieve continuous availability. Keep your business running smoothly and effectively – from any device or location.
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Keep your communications, data storage, and application services secure with robust identity and access management controls. Rely on best-in-class software security, patching, and encryption – and use a dashboard to monitor all KPIs related to security.


Real-time Response with a Data-Driven Solution Powered by SAP HANA

Watch the 3-minute video to learn how the City of Cape Town built and deployed a custom solution on SAP HANA to provide one integrated public safety solution – Emergency Policing and Incident Command (EPIC) for real-time response.

Run Live with SAP HANA

Discover how customers are changing the way they run their business on an
in-memory data platform – gaining real-time intelligence by analyzing a wide variety of data, including live transactions, text, spatial and streaming data all with high-speed performance.

Dynamic Maintenance Management System Powered by SAP HANA

Trenitalia uses SAP HANA to analyze data coming from thousands of sensors aboard their trains in real-time, helping them improve maintenance processes and ultimately offer better customer service.
City View

City Government of Buenos Aires: Staying Dry with Help from SAP Solutions

Using the SAP HANA Platform to analyze real-time sensor data from storm drains and SAP Mobile Platform to ensure streets and drains are clear, Buenos Aires is well prepared to mitigate risks caused by heavy rains.
Consumer products

Identifying High-Risk Transactions with SAP Fraud Management Powered by SAP HANA

BSH selected the SAP Fraud Management application powered by SAP HANA, which through a co-innovation project showed its flexibility and adaptability. BSH hosts the solution on the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service.

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