Make a clean breast of SAP Leonardo and the Internet of Things

Make a clean breast of SAP Leonardo and the Internet of Things

The time is now

Never before have there been so many promising breakthrough technologies available — and so many businesses read to capitalize on them. From Machine Learning to Blockchain, from Cloud to the Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices, Analytics, and more, companies are eager to run smarter and take advantage of the new business possibilities they offer.

What is SAP Leonardo?

SAP Leonardo is a holistic digital innovation system that seamlessly integrates future-facing technologies and capabilities into the SAP Cloud Platform, using SAP’s Design Thinking Services. This powerful portfolio enables you to rapidly innovate, scale new models, and continually redefine your business.

Journey through digital transformation

No one has more knowledge and experience in business processes, while giving SAP’s customers a 360° view of their entire business operation. The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to drive the largest segment of growth in new business value with the right solution infrastructure.

SAP can help you know where opportunities exists, evolve your business processes to take action, and create new business value and ecosystem advantages.

Design Thinking Services - SAP Leonardo Technologies. Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, Analytics

Design Thinking Services – SAP Leonardo Technologies

Introduction to the SAP Leonardo IoT Portfolio

SAP Leonardo connects things with people and processes.

Business and IT leaders across industries are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to service and delight customers like no other competitor. With emerging smart assets that can be always-on, industries see a tremendous possibility to transform operational scenarios and reimaginetheir business models.

The massive numbers of connected things and the explosion of data generated by connected devices (“Things”) will change the way we do business forever. The journey a company takes to get from “Things to Outcomes” is becoming the catalyst for digitization. IoT is not necessarily new to most companies. However, most are collecting and storing the data and may also have the ability to visualize it. With SAP Leonardo, SAP’s endeavor is to provide an innovative solution portfolio that enables companies to not only realize digital transformation of existing end-to-end business processes, but also enable them to evolve new business models to run digitally.

SAP provides a highly innovative IoT portfolio which extends the digital core with adaptive applications, big data applications and connectivity to enable:

• New business processes
• New business models
• New work environments

SAP Leonardo, IoT Portfolio

The Internet of Things is on top of the agenda for most companies. While technology has existed for several decades, it was limited to operational use. The evolution of connectivity, Big Data management, analytics, and cloud technology is enabling us to converge these operational and information technologies to make machines smarter and drive end-to-end digital transformation.

SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge. Connected Products, Connected Assets, Connected Fleet, Connected Infrastructure, Connected Markets, Connected People

SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge

SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge combines real-time information from connected things with business processes to turn extended supply chains into live supply chain environments

• Range of packaged enterprise end-to-end solutionss for connected things from products to people across line-of-business and industry use cases

SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation includes both best of breed business services that enable users to rapidly build IoT applications by building digital twins, reusable application services, and applying predictive algorithms; and core technical services to process a high velocity of data with the ability to stream analytics and run predictive scenarios These are delivered on new generation SAP Cloud Platform coming from millions of devices

SAP Leonardo IoT Edge ingests data irrespective of connectivity, latency, device protocols concerns, and (at the same time) delivers intelligent edge applications


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