SAP Fiori meets Amazon’s Alexa

SAP Fiori meets Amazon’s Alexa

We are happy to inform you, that is a new love story in the industry. SAP Fiori and Amazon’s Alexa voice control have met in our office, and thanks for our developer team, they can be now happy together.

How we done that?

We thought about, how can we make Fiori more responsive and more helpful in any situation, and we got the perfect solution – voice control. The first idea was Amazon’s Alexa because it can be easily integrated, with Amazon’s own Cloud Service.
First thing first, made a handy, little application to the SAP Cloud Platform, with a hint of our design, which means a unique theme, dedicated to Netlife Consulting.

Nice, right? It is an application that can list cryptocurrencies value. Like Bitcoin, Litecoin and more “famous” cryptocurrencies.
There’s a nicer look in the application when you can see the currencies value changing on a graph.


With Alexa we had a little headache because she is able to run only on the internet, so we had to make an own server. On that, we had to make a unique JSON file, that Alexa is able to handle. That was the heaviest part, but finally, everything worked fine, and now Alexa can say the application, what to do.
Changing views or time intervals, show another cryptocurrency.

Youtube reference

But if you watch our proof of concept, the ultimate youtube video, you can tell how well can it work.

Hopefully, the love story of SAP Fiori and Amazon’s Alexa continues, and more developers will be able to develop beautiful apps with voice control.